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Two Hearts: World Tour is a comedy pop concert with arena sized ambition (crammed into whatever regional theatre they find 

themselves) featuring spectacularly funny original songs, 

distractingly attractive back-dancers, and frankly, too much confetti.


Since forming in 2016, Two Hearts have dazzled audiences around NZ, Australia and the UK with their fist-pumping anthems and world-changing sex jams. They’ve been seen on Just For Laughs, Comedy Central, beloved NZ sketch series Funny Girls and Laura 

was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (Joseph wasn’t asked).


World Tour takes the best and biggest bops from their 4x one hour shows, to deliver a loud, energetic (and occasionally filthy) musical comedy experience that simultaneously skewers and embraces 

everything we love and hate about modern pop music.

Two Hearts can be booked as an act for a line-up, or as a full show with dancers, set and tech crew. 

To enquire about booking Two Hearts for your arts festival/comedy line-up/house party/Coachella - enquire at


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